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Kaifeng Kaixing Air Separation Plant Co., Ltd

  • Introduction: Revised sentence: Introduction: We specialize in the professional production of air separation equipment are recognized as one of the leading exporters of air separation compressors in China.
  • Major Products: Air Separation Plant,Oxygen Compressor,Nitrogen Compressor, Expansion etc.
  • Applications: Steel mills, chemical plants, blast furnace ironmaking, copper smelting, photovoltaic industry, etc.
  • Location: Henan, China.
  • Factory Area: 2000 Square Meters
  • Founded: in 2007
  • Number of Employees: 300+
  • Overseas Market: Asia, Europe, Mideast, Africa, North America, South America etc.
  • OEM & ODM Customization: Accepted

Kaifeng Kaixing Air Separation Plant Co., Ltd

Our Company

Oxygen compressor

Most of our workers have over 10 years’ experience

Air Separation Unit

We pay attention to details, especially the selection of raw materials.

Manufacturing Scale

One of the reliable air separation manufacturing enterprises in central China.

our story

Our Story & Secret Of Success

We listen to our customers and take actions.

November 2007
  • when we opened for Business

We started from a little factory with only 2 employees. 

april 2009
  • our first commercial project

We have received a large order from a famous steel group company in China.

july 2015
  • Focus on overseas Business

We started to focus more on overseas business. 

Dec 2022
  • Reached a new height

In 2022, we exported over 100 air separation oxygen compressors and nitrogen compressors.

countries exporting

Professional Exporter

We manufacture reliable air separation plant.

Specializes in the manufacture of various Air Separation Oxygen&Nitrogen Compressor.We are one of the major Air Separation Plant exporters from China.

Genuine Maker!

We have own research and manufacturing center.