Vertical axial flow is mainly used for supporting air separation equipment below 10,000 grade (diameter has reached 4.6m), bed thickness 1550 to 2300mm, double-layer single-layer can be arranged, vertical axial flow adsorber airflow distribution is the best. The vertical radial flow adsorber can effectively use the internal space of the container, so that the adsorption layer area of the same diameter is expanded by about 1.5 times, which can effectively reduce the height of the tower, and the vertical mode occupies a small area. Due to the uniform distribution of air flow, unlike the uneven flow of horizontal adsorbers, the amount of molecular sieve is reduced by 20%, and the renewable energy consumption is also saved by 20%. 5 B1 s(d% f-a. d regenerative heating there are two ways of electric heater and steam heater. The purification system also needs to set the throttling regeneration pipeline to meet the driving needs. In addition, a safety valve is set on the gas side and a safety valve is set on the steam heater side to prevent leakage or overpressure on the high pressure side of the equipment or valve, as well as throttling overpressure.

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