We are not unfamiliar with all kinds of compressors and steam turbines, but do you really understand their role in the air separation process? An air separation room in a factory. Do you know what it’s like? Air separation, simply put, is a set of industrial equipment used to separate the components of gases in the air to produce oxygen, nitrogen and argon. There are also rare gases helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon, radon and so on. Air separation equipment is air as raw material, through the compression cycle deep freezing method to turn the air into liquid, and then through rectification and gradually separate from the liquid air to produce oxygen, nitrogen and argon and other inert gas equipment, widely used in traditional metallurgy, new coal chemical industry, large nitrogen fertilizer, professional gas supply and other fields.

We introduce the equipment one by one according to the process of the air separation system: compression system (1) Self-cleaning filter generally with the increase of gas volume, the number of filter cylinders increases, the number of layers is higher, generally more than 25,000 grade double layer, 60,000 grade three layer arrangement; Generally, a single compressor needs a separate filter arranged at the upper air outlet. (2) Air compressor general large air separation equipment investment is single-axis isothermal centrifugal compressor, imported energy consumption is about 2% lower than domestic, investment is 80% higher; The air compressor uses the outlet vent, does not set the return pipe, generally has the minimum suction flow anti-surge requirements, the inlet guide vane is used for flow regulation, and the imported domestic units are four-stage compression and three-stage cooling (the final stage is not cooled). The main air compressor is equipped with a water washing system to wash the surface sediment of the impeller and volute at all levels. The system is packaged with the main engine. (3) Instrument gas compressors generally have three forms: oil-free screw machines, piston and centrifugal. Because the piston type and centrifugal type are naturally oil-free, no oil removal device is required, only a drying device (water removal) and a precision filter (solid particles removal) are required; The screw machine generally has oil and oil and then oil removal two, oil injection screw machine need to set oil removal device, and need to set a very high precision oil removal filter to meet the process requirements, the advantage of this model is cheaper; Oil-free screw using dry rotor or water lubrication, the advantage of this model is absolutely oil-free, the disadvantage is that the price is more expensive. Gas capacity below 500Nm3/h suitable for piston type; Gas capacity below 2000Nm3/h suitable for selecting screw machine or piston machine; The gas volume is above 2000Nm3/h, that is, the three models can be selected, and the centrifugal compressor has the advantage when the gas volume is large, its wearing parts are less, and it is good maintenance and cost-effective.

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