In order to make it easy for everyone to understand, I will make some further explanations. First of all, I will explain the concept of environment, which is a very important concept in thermodynamics. The core concept of the second law of thermodynamics is effective energy, and effective energy is closely related to the environment. The environment most closely related to us is the earth’s atmospheric environment, of course, the earth’s atmospheric environment is not uniform, but the range of change is not too large. The state of the atmosphere is a pressure of one atmosphere, a temperature of 25 degrees, the composition of the air is about 21 percent oxygen, about 78 percent nitrogen, and about 1 percent argon! This is a simple description of the baseline state of the environment, where effective energy is equal to karada-chan, heat is equal to zero, and cold is equal to zero. Any system that deviates from the environmental state has effective energy, which is also the fundamental reason why effective energy is needed to produce oxygen and nitrogen!

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